Top 25 Wordpress Plugins

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One of the best things about the Wordpress Content Management System is all of the advanced plugins that have been created for it. Not only can you create a great looking dynamic website with Wordpress, but you can literally make just about any type of site that you want with the right selection of plugins installed.

Here is a comprehensive list of 25 of the most useful plugins out there, and nearly all of them are completely free to use, with a few exceptions. With these plugins you can drastically alter how your website looks and functions, by letting clever programming do the heavy lifting for you.


W3 Total Cache

This is one of the best ways to optimize your website for two different reasons. It minimizes load times for the pages on your site and it also keeps static copies of your site pages which really decreases the amount of CPU resources that you burn through on your site.

All in One SEO Pack

This SEO based plugin is very important for ranking your Wordpress websites. It helps you incorporate keywords into your site, provides you with the ability to create search engine friendly titles and handle meta information and there are constantly new features going into the plugin. Google XML SiteMaps

This advanced site map plugin will let you create a detailed map of your website to help web crawler's discover all the links of your website. The generator is quick and easy to use and it leaves you with a sitemap that Google and other search engines are going to be able to navigate easily.

Google XML Sitemap for Videos

If your website has a large number of videos on it, it is in your best interest to provide Google with a sitemap for those videos. This will help with indexing and getting your site listed in the search engines. This plugin is great for providing you with the ability to do just that.

SEO Friendly Images

Make sure your images work well with search engines by updating your ALT tags and Title attributes using this software by Vladimir Prelovac. It is simple to use and quickly gets your images in line with search standards.

SEO Smart Links

This plugin also put together by Vladimir Prelovac is great for increasing the amount of interlinking going on inside your website. You simply decide on keywords that you want to use for linking between pages, the amount of times to link per page and where the words should link to. You could set the keyword NFL to link to and every page the keyword shows up on would automatically generate that link for you.


NextGEN Gallery

This feature rich program makes it easy to add photo galleries into your site and you can use it to do all sorts of cool things like building albums, slideshows, and watermarking the images on your site.

HTML5 jQuery Audio Player

This advanced audio player uses the latest in markup technology to deliver a great looking music player. The player will play single songs, or entire tracks of songs easily. If you are worried that not everyone is going to be able to use HTML 5 it also has a flash backup so that it works well with any device that comes into contact with it.


SlideDeck is a clever plugin that allows you to combine different forms of multimedia in a clean slideshow. You can add pictures, videos, social network streams, or syndicated content all in one neat little slideshow. Each of the different slide types are known as a lens and even though the free version only has a limited number of these you can create your own if you are willing to spend a little time on it. You can easily integrate large amounts of media onto a page while keeping your website theme in mind with SlideDeck.


Regular Video Makers will appreciate the ability to integrate their Vimeo videos into a Wordpress site with Vimeography. You can enter a neat looking player into your site to show any videos that you want, and you won't have to worry about finding a different solution to your Vimeo account.


Price Table

Price table gives you the ability to put clean looking price tables on your website for any services that you may be offering. This is the perfect solution to any business who wants to make their customers understand the different items that they are offering and what they cost. A common way to use the plugin is for subscription fees, on subscription based sites.

WP Ecommerce

WP Ecommerce gets many votes as the number one ecommerce solution for Wordpress for several different reasons. For starters it comes with all the basic functionality to run a webstore through your Wordpress site. You will have a shopping cart, you can integrate with payment service providers easily, you can handle shipping without a problem, and you can sort the store by categories. On top of all that functionality you can spend money to add additional features to the software, or since it is open source, you can have new features developed specifically for you by a programmer.

Social Networking


Whether you want to start your own social network, or you simply want a nice little community to collaborate on different projects with, Buddypress will help you accomplish exactly that. It basically allows you to build a social networking site into your Wordpress site and it is pretty powerful. It supports user profiles, private messaging, making friend connections, and activity streams similar to Facebook and Twitter.

Within Buddypress you will also have the ability to form new groups which makes it a great solution for medium sized companies who want to give their workers a place to communicate with one another in specific groups.

Feedburner Feedsmith

This basic plugin will redirect your Wordpress feeds to a FeedBurner account for easier RSS sharing with your visitors. Feedburner still remains the RSS standard as long as Google is willing to keep it running.

Social Author Bio

For authority sites it's important to help the author of the content connect to different visitors of the site. The Social Author Bio displays a short bio about the author as well as social network links to all the main networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and a few more.

User Experience

WP Touch

This is by far one of the most useful Wordpress plugins if you want to increase the accessibility of your website. It creates a mobile phone friendly version of your site that will load when a mobile user visits your site. This is the quickest way to serve up a mobile page to your users.

nRelate Related Content

nRelate Related Content will help you persuade visitors to visit pages further into your website, or to go and visit other websites that you hold. It accomplishes this by displaying thumbnails of other content on your site that relates to what they are currently looking at.

Wordpress Popular Plugins

This simple plugin will display a set number of your posts that are the most popular. You can set the plugin to analyze posts over a specified range of days to determine which posts are the most popular. It's a great way to get your best content out in front of the visitors who are just getting to the site.


The first few moments that a visitor comes to your website are important for building loyalty and increasing your subscription rate. This greet box will display a unique message depending on where the user is coming from. If they come there through Digg then you can ask them to Digg the page, if they come from Facebook, you could have them like your page.



When you self-host your own Wordpress blog you gain a lot of functionality that you don't have on the Wordpress website, but you also lose out on a few features, Jetpack helps you get some of those back. Some of the most notable features that it provides are stats for your site hosted on the cloud, email subscriptions for your site, commenting that supports social networks, a spellchecker, and even a URL shortener service.

Seven Days

This plugin gives you the ability to decide which plugins are going to be activated on your site depending on the day of the week. For instance if you were a restaurant you could use the plugin to show different specials for the day, you could also use it to show a set of different hours of operation depending on the current day. It is a very flexible plugin that is perfect for any instance where the content needs to change depending on the day.

Simple Press

If you decide you want a Forum on your website Simple Press will provide you with a feature filled forum that you can add in just a few minutes. Some of the features of the forum include adding skins, creating sub-forums, and providing rankings to different users depending on the number of posts that they have.

Wordpress Database Backup

This is one of the most important plugins to have on a Wordpress site if you are concerned with keeping an up-to-date backup of the database. The database contains all of your posts and the bulk of the information on your website. Sure you can make backups through the panel in your host account, but this plugin is much more convenient and you can tell it to automatically create backups regularly.

Web Ninja Comment Count Fixer

Other plugins such as Disqus add some nice features to your website's comments, but they can also mess up comment counts, and social indicator counts. This plugin fixes those counts so you have an accurate number to go off of. You can set it to run at different intervals so your counts will always be accurate.

Gravity Forms

If you are interested in creating advanced forms for your website there is no better solution than Gravity Forms. They have a huge variety of options for you to use and all of them are available through a simple drag and drop display. After you build a form you click one button to add it to your site. When users submit your forms you won't have to use an email to manage those submissions because they will be contained right within your website itself for easy management.