Javascript Articles Worth Reading

Javascript is a very powerful web development language that any web developer should know well. It gives you the ability to add some dynamic content to your websites, and it does so without causing too many problems between the different web browser versions out there. Here is a collection of useful Javascript articles that any developer, or future developer should take a look at, they are very helpful.

javascript articles

Basic Education

W3 Schools Javascript Tutorials

W3 Schools always provide high quality tutorials that thoroughly cover the basics of the web programming language that you are interested in learning, and the Javascript section is no exception. It takes a step by step approach to teaching you all the different elements of the core language.

Creating Custom Events with Jquery

Learn how to take a modern approach with event creation in Javascript with this comprehensive tutorial. With this information under your belt you will be able to stack different events on top of one another.

Accesing Private Functions in Javascript

When you start nesting functions in Javascript it can make it difficult to access those functions unless you are in their parents. Learn one method to gain access to the nested functions directly so that you can test them normally.

Javascript Closures 101

Javascript closures are powerful for managing the functions that you have running. They can also be difficult to grasp for those new to Javascript and they can be potentially dangerous to your code if you do not know what you are doing.

Handling Browser Differences

Javascript Browser Detection

Most web developers don't want to treat every browser the same and Javascript is the perfect tool to segregate one browser from another. By identifying the different browsers you can handle them differently and make sure all your information appears exactly how you want it to.

Javascript Object Detection

Different browsers contain different objects and Javascript can detect this object differences and use that knowledge to identify which browsers are currently in use. By detecting objects you can do browser detection much more efficiently, learn how here.

Javascript Redirection

Redirection is an excellent method to separate users with different web browsers so that your website works no matter who is visiting. While some search engines looks down on redirection if it is used properly it is a very valuable tool to understand.

Extending Javascript

Going Beyond Cookies

Sometimes cookie storage just isn't enough for you to do everything that you want to do. Fortunately you have an even more powerful type of storage available to you with Javascript and that is DOM sessionStorage and localStorage.

Dynamically Loading JS or CSS files

Web designers are constantly looking for ways to make their sites more dynamic and responsive to their visitors. By learning to load CSS and JS files on-the-fly you can add a whole new element of dynamics to your website.

Error Prevention

Javascript and Memory Leaks

One of the worst enemies of a Javascript developer is memory leaks. Serious memory leaks can cripple a website and make it completely unresponsive. By learning what causes these leaks you can hopefully avoid creating them most of the time.

Handling Runtime Errors in Javascript

There is nothing quite as frustrating as a runtime error when you can't seem to locate the source of the problem. Learn about different techniques to help you narrow down the problem area and resolve the issue.