The Future of Flash

With all of the advancements and changes in technology the future of flash looks uncertain at best. Flash used to be one of the leading edge design tools that millions of designers used worldwide, and although it is still very popular today, there are some changes that have occurred, and other changes still to come that are going to strain the Flash following.

future of the flash


One of the main changes that is still to come is the release of HTML 5. Although it is already in use, HTML 5 still has a long way to come, and over that time it is going to become much more widespread. HTML5 is a danger to Flash because it can do many of the same things as Flash, albeit not everything. HTML5 allows designers to add in videos, or music right into the code of a website. They will no longer have to use a Flash player or a scripting language to show videos on their website. Although this doesn't get rid of the need for some of the advanced features that Flash supports it does remove the need for the technology in many situations.


Apple has been against Flash for a very long time, but they are just beginning to take away Flash capabilities from their new devices. They have a number of reasons for doing this and all of them are supposed to improve the device overall.

For one thing they claim that Flash lowers the battery life of their mobile devices, and they were able to add an additional 2 hours of battery time to their new Macbook Air by removing Flash from it. They also say that it increases security risks when it is included.

With the huge following that Apple has, the lack of Flash support on all of their new devices is certainly going to hit the Flash market in a noticeable way, but it is in no way going to kill it all together.


On top of losing support from Apple, Microsoft is also beginning to move away from Flash with their devices. Many of their new mobile devices aren't going to allow Flash for the same reasons that were stated by Apple. Instead they will use HTML5 to fill the void.

Holding On

Even though Flash is fading in popularity it is still going to hold on for many years to come for a few reasons. For one Flash is used heavily for a wide number of games that are out on the market today. Without Adobe Flash many of the more advanced web games simply would not exist and they can't be easily recreated with HTML5 either.

Another thing that Flash has going for it is its ease of use. Many graphic designers prefer to work with Flash over languages like HTML, CSS and Javascript because it is easier to deal with. The drag and drop interface of flash is a favorite among designers and many of them would never want to give it up for something so foreign and difficult as HTML5.

Flash also happens to work really well on a bunch of different devices without requiring any changes to be made. The same can't be said with HTML. Most of the time different devices and different browsers require different code in order to function properly. This has been a problem that developers have faced for years and it is something that would really be a problem with games developed using the language.

Even though it seems like Flash is going to take a huge hit in the future, there are still plenty of reasons for people to continue using it for a long time to come. Flash use in actual websites will continue to decline, but it should stay strong for animation and game creation purposes because there isn't many alternatives out in the market at the moment.