Top 25 Interactive Menus

The menus of your website are extremely important to your visitors because they are how you are going to navigate around between the different pages of the site. The better the menus function the more your visitors are going to enjoy your website, and it doesn't hurt if a menu looks good as well. Here is a collection of some of the best menus that have been used on websites, emulating these menus could help you improve the navigation on your own site.

Spectra Newsreader

interactive menu 1

Not only is this menu appealing to look at but it is extremely dynamic and functional. It's everything that a good Flash menu should be because you would be hard pressed to replicate it with CSS or Javascript.

Sensisoft Portfolio

interactive menu 2

This very flashy navigation menu is organized very well while being impressive to look at. It works even as complicated as it is because the whole website is built right around the navigation.

Circular Menu

interactive menu 3

This innovative circular menu is even more amazing when you consider that it was put together with purely CSS. The menu displays a list of options in a circle, and when you hover around one of those options you get a list of submenus around the center of the circle.

Ole Chef Peru

interactive menu 4

This menu is excellent because it is smooth and fluid, it has a great theme that matches the page and it just looks great altogether.

Demi Creative

interactive menu 5

This seemingly simple menu uses a scrolling concept to display the information. It is very effective while also being very clean and easy to use.


interactive menu 6

This very simple menu is all that is required for someone to navigate around the site efficiently. It looks really good on the page, and uses the least amount of technology to function as is possible making it very efficient.

Small Stone

interactive menu 7

This is probably a menu like none that you have ever seen before and that is a good thing. It is slightly more difficult to use than a standard menu because it Is a little foreign but with a quick inspection it isn't too hard to figure out how to get where you need to go thanks to the good labeling applied.

Jeff Sarmiento

interactive menu 8

A simple menu and yet it is colorful and graphic enough to really stand out among menus. It is a strong focal point of the website.


interactive menu 9

This artsy caricature site uses a clear menu that allows the art to be the centerpiece without distracting from it.

Gene's Sausage Shop

interactive menu 10

This menu is well themed to the restaurant with the artsy font of the links, and it matches the color scheme well without being too over the top.

Robin James Yu

interactive menu 11

The menu on Yu's page shows that you can use a very simple concept and turn it into an impressive menu. This very simple line menu uses the movement of a single image to create an impressive menu.


interactive menu 12

This enormous vertical menu uses a cool light effect to help it stand out. It makes the options available very clear right from the beginning.

Innovative Imaging Professionals

interactive menu 13

Bright colors and a cool image effect help this navigation menu really stand out in the center of the page. Nobody will have a problem locating this menu.

Fantasy Cartography

interactive menu 14

How better to represent a website than with a map as the means of navigation? This puts forth a great message while also being a clever and entertaining way to move around the site.


interactive menu 15

The little sketched icons next to each of the menu elements is what sets this menu apart. This small detail adds a huge amount of character to the website and shows that it is fun.

Pure Grips

interactive menu 16

This menu stands out because it has images in the drop down menu that comes off the grip selection. There is no better way to get someone interested than to provide a visual cue for them.

Chris Jennings

interactive menu 17

Sometimes the best form of navigation is to just use a series of pictures links that will take the visitor to a new page. This works especially well in this portfolio setting here. The great thing about the navigation is that it simply opens up a larger view of the object when you select one of the pictures, that way you can continue looking at other projects without having to navigate back to the page.

Time for Cake

interactive menu 18

This menu is also very simple, but it works very well because of the bold color that was used on it. The menu stands out from everything else and that's a good thing.

Ferocious Quarterly

interactive menu 19

This navigation follows a single ribbon, but where each of the different elements come into play the ribbon shifts to a different level to clearly show the different options that you have.

FA Design

interactive menu 20

This simplistic menu is the perfect fit for the website it's on.

From the Couch

interactive menu 21

This very simple vertical menu looks great on the blog that it is being used. The red graphics at the top and bottom add just enough detail to make the menu interesting to look at.

Get Me Fast

interactive menu 22

The cartoony nature of this menu blends well with the header and makes the business seem more fun and upbeat.

Eye Bridge

interactive menu 23

The images in this menu really set it off creatively. The best effect is that of the light that seems to turn on when you hover over it.

Envira Media

interactive menu 24

Another simple menu, but the color scheme matches perfectly and the small images make it interesting.


interactive menu 25

The menu for this page is the entire graphic on the home page. It's a pretty interesting menu that really showcases the creative ability of the designer.