10 Free Smoke Brush Sets

There is something about smoke that just brings a project to life. Whether you are just trying to add a little more detail to a project that you are working on, or you simply need smoke in the drawing you are making these brushes should cover any use that you can think of for smoke. The different smoke affects are achieved differently depending on the brush set that you choose and you can create some pretty interesting effects by using these brushes.

Particle Smoke

Smoke brush

This massive pack of 148 different brushes is filled with awesome looking smoke that is created from the combination of loosely fitting particles. When the image is zoomed out it will look exactly like smoke should, when you get up very close you will see that it is a bunch of loose particles next to one another.

Smokey Fire Brushes

Smoke brush2

These brushes are a combination of both fire and smoke for some really cool effects. There are 50 different brushes in the set giving you plenty of variety to work with.

Brush Set 10

Smoke brush3

This simple set of detailed smoke looks great as long as your picture doesn't have a very high resolution. There are seven different brushes in this set and most of them are simple blobs of smoke.

Smoke Brushes Set 1

Smoke brush4

Each of these six different brushes will work in any version of Photoshop as long as it is newer than Photoshop 7. Each of the brushes is free for use as long as you supply the author credit for creating them.

Real Smoke Brushes

Smoke brush5

Each of these brushes was modeled after real life smoke so that they have a very realistic effect that will look good in most projects that are in need of a little smoke.

Smoke Brushes

Smoke brush6

There are 12 different high resolution brushes in this set. You are free to use each of them as long as you are using them for personal purposes. If you use them commercially you will have to get the author's permission beforehand.

Web Designer Lab Smoke Brushes

Smoke brush7

This 10 pack of smoke brushes from Web Designer Labs is free to use however you want whether for personal use or for commercial projects. Each of the brushes is medium in size between 600 and 1800 pixels in size.

Smoke Effect

Smoke brush8

This simple smoke effect works surprisingly well when you want to create your own custom shaped smoke clouds. Use this in small are large projects it scales to most sizes very well.

Smokem Brushes

Smoke brush9

Most of these 17 brushes are relatively similar but they are just different enough to add variety to a project when using several of them at the same time. The brushes are all between 1300 and 1800 pixels in size and can be used any way that you want.

Smoke Set

Smoke brush10

Just as the name implies this is a set of smoke brushes. To be more exact there are 9 different brushes in this set and they are for CS3 and up.