5 Best Organized Sites and Collections for Photoshop Brushes

When looking for Photoshop brushes, the selection can be overwhelming. You can't download and install them all. Your best solution might be to pick a handful of sites and become familiar with what they have to offer. Maybe even keep a list of links to brushes you think you might want in the future.Here are 5 good free well organized Photoshop Brush collections, but first a reminder about using free artwork.

Reminder Concerning Licensing and Security

Be sure you read the licensing agreements for each brush before you use them. It might be best to install them, use them, and uninstall again. Keep the original download in a folder with the license so that you can re-read it the next time you need a similar brush.If licensing information is not clear or somehow inaccessible, it's best to pick another brush. Some licenses will tell you that they can change the terms of the license at any time and if you continue to use the brush, you automatically agree to those new terms. So be careful about what you use. Keep records with dates and read everything. Don't reuse the brush without re-reading.

And the age-old final precaution. Make sure you have good virus protection. Scan the files before you open them.

So, reminder finished. Here are 5 the collections.


deviantART is a favorite of many designers. It is a place where you can upload you creations of all kinds. Among the wide variety of art here are the Photoshop Brushes. This site has so much content that the search box is your best tool to find what you need. Add the category and some words you might expect in the title of the type of brush you are looking for and chances are you will find something you like.

DevianArt website


BrushKinghas hundreds of well-designed free Photoshop brushes. The brushes are presented via category menus. You can also search by keyword. A web 2.0 page of thumbnail images matching your selection is presented. Rolling over the thumbnail gives you information about the number of brushes in the set, the author, the size of the download file, a link to download, cost, and sometimes a link to the terms.

Brushking Website


In what appears to be a companion site to BrushKing, we find FBrushes. This site has the same rollover user interface as BrushKing and lists BrushKing as one of its friends.FBrushes claims to have more than 10,000 Photoshop brushes, but they must be counting individual brushes in the more than 600 brush sets listed by category on the brush menu at the top of the page. In addition to categorized menus, this site has a tag cloud to help you find that special brush.

Brushes at FBrushes


What I like about the Brusheasy site is the ability to search the results by the version of Photoshop I am using. I don't take every update from Adobe, and it's frustrating to search for the brush you need, download it, only to find out your version of Photoshop is telling you "Sorry". You can also search for brushes by keyword, the newest brushes, most popular, or highest rated brushes on the site with a second filter box. Unfortunately, at this time the keyword search does not work with the filters but instead of the filters.

Brusheasy website


Speckboy is a very useful site to developers and designers. For Photoshop brushes, there was a nice article classifying 50 collections of brushes by the type of brush. It points to the work of other authors and collections, but is a good tool to have in your list of places to go when looking for brushes. Speckyboy always does good work.