How the New HTML 5 and CSS3 Standard will Change the Web Forever

html5 gonna change the world

As the leading web browser companies work on ironing out all the details of HTML5 we slowly head toward a very significant facelift of the internet. New features are going to be integrated into the standard code of the internet, and many of the additional plugins that we currently rely on will likely be forgotten.

The new version of HTML isn't just a facelift alone however, but it is going to dramatically change what you should expect from the websites that you visit and there are sure to be some major differences in sites as designers become more accustomed to the new technology.

What is HTML 5?

HTML5 is a new set of web standards that are going to be shared by most of the web browsers. These new standards allow features that have not been integrated into basic websites composed of just HTML and CSS before. Although the specifications are still being developed they will eventually control how most websites handle videos, audio, images, and just about everything else that you see.

A Much more Dynamic Web Experience

The first thing that the evolution of HTML is going to bring you is a more dynamic web experience. Objects such as Canvas, geolocation, and improved web forms will alter how websites interact with their visitors.

The canvas object gives web browsers the ability to draw images on the fly, which is going to be very useful for websites that want to generate informational graphics such as charts, and graphs. Websites will also have the ability to see the visitors location while they are at the site and they can offer up a more dynamic type of content after they know where their visitor is located. That means that many sites are going begin throwing location specific information your way without ever asking for your input. Web forms are also going to be getting more features to allow them to function in more advanced ways. This should make it easy to get information from users, and it should cut down on the amount of time that you have to spend actually filling out forms when you visit a site.

Enhanced Storage

HTML5 is going to give browsers the ability to store information right on your computer's hard drive. That means that they don't have to rely on cookie storage for all their information anymore which forges a path toward much more advanced applications being developed for web pages.

On top of being able to make more complicated types of web programs for users, those programs are going to begin loading much faster because the bulk of the information will be stored right on the computer rather than on the web itself. In many cases you may not even need an internet connection to benefit from resources that you use on the web because they will be on your computer.

Get Rid of All Those Extensions

For years plug-ins have been a major asset to the internet. They gave companies the ability to shape the web the way they wanted to, and some seriously powerful programs have been created such as Flash and Java that make it possible to create very advanced programs.

Now many of these plugins are going to disappear because HTML5 is adding their core features right into the basic core code that it will be using. You will be able to stream both audio and video using only HTML and CSS code.

While you probably won't see Flash or Java going anywhere anytime soon, many more basic plugins will be forgotten about because they won't be useful any longer, and many instances of Flash and Java will be replaced with pure HTML code instead to be more efficient.

The internet is sure to be a much different looking place with the release of HTML5. It will most likely unify many of the different browsers together so that not as many different versions of websites have to be created any longer, and you will be able to enjoy some very advanced sites without worrying about whether or not you have the right plugins installed. The impact of HTML5 will be even greater for mobile devices that don't always have all the plugins available to them anyway.