Convert from HTML or XHTML to HTML5

When you covert from HTML to HTML5, or from xhtml to HTML5, there are many opportunities to improve the speed, design, user interaction, search engine ranking for your site. There are numerous features and improvements in HTML5 that make you site easier to index, faster to load, accessible to more types of devices, and free of concern for the changing plug-in landscape.

It`s Time

HTML5 is a large standard. Much larger than previous standards, and it is not yet final. Yet, developers and browser vendors are pushing ahead and anxious for these new features. The W3C finalization outlook for the HTML5 standard has recently been moved from 2022 to 2014, as a result of this pressure. Forrester, an industry market research organization, is recommending that its clients start adopting HTML5 now.

So, it looks like it`s time to get started, but that also means when you convert HTML to HTML5, you need someone who knows which features can add value to your site, which features are safe to use, and how to make them work in a cross-browser compatible manner. That`s where an HTML or XHTML to HTML5 converter service is important.

When done correctly, the effort to convert xhtml to HTML5 can produce excellent results. But if you get it wrong, your users can be unable to access your site. You need experts trained in xhtml to HTML5 conversion techniques. The same applies to older HTML to HTML5 conversions. No matter where you start from, experienced coders can do the job faster and correctly the first time.

The biggest benefit comes when you convert HTML to HTML5, because HTML is the older standard. But even when you convert xhtml to HTML5, using the companion CSS3 standard, you can take advantage of features like :


The biggest benefit of upgrading your site comes when you convert HTML to HTML5, because HTML is the older of the two(HTML / xhtml) standards. But even when you convert xhtml to HTML5 and apply the companion CSS3 standard, you can take advantage of features like :

• being able to tab to any element on your page,

• multiple small background images that can be reused to create a design that previously required a single large image,

• tags that tell search engines more clearly which parts of your page are navigation, menus, articles, section, headers, and footers,

• the ability to store larger quantities of data in the browsers storage, rather than just cookies,

• animations and banners without the use of JavaScript or plug-ins,

• control over back button behavior so that your AJAX content changes behave as if they were new pages without the unneeded download of extra page components you already have in the browser cache,

• plug-in free methods for incorporating audio and video directly into your pages,

• thread-like facilities for doing work in the background without making your users wait,

• improved network access to remote resources,

• drag and drop, geo-location, document editing, and many others.

Many of these features make your site more accessible to more device types, if you have guided help in making the transition from xhtml or HTML to HTML5.

Whether you are adding new pages, refreshing the look of your site, struggling with performance and compatibility issues, HTML-ME is ready to help you convert HTML to HTML5. We have experienced technical designers and coders specially trained in the best techniques to use and the things to be avoided. Our QA experts re-test everything against your request. We are fast and reasonably priced. Please see our FAQ and order page for more information on this service.