5 Things Designers Need To Be Careful About While Designing

Internet is a vast network and contains diverse information on different topics. But it also contains a huge number of duplicated and useless content.

At some stage of your designing career - let it be beginner or expert - you wonder as to what is the most important thing to keep in mind while designing. I did too and after years of experience I would like to share some of them with you.

tips for web designer
1. First of all, a common mistake made by every designer is to let the 'client pleasing factor' come in between; they try to please the client by creating a design that is soothing to the client's eyes. This is wrong and often leads to the client being unsatisfied in the end. You must understand what the client desires and the purpose he is using the design for. You should then create a design using your intellect, designing skills and present it to him with an explanation of the benefits this particular design will bring to him.

2. Whether you are designing a web page or a banner, you should keep the overall theme that it represents in your mind. You should make sure there is a legit connection between the two; one should complement the other, make it look like an extended body part of its core. Follow the image that the core represents. If it is professional, keep it professional. If it is private and individualistic, make it more appealing to the visual senses. Remember that branding and color scheme is very important in order maintain the observer's attention and perception.

3. The proper use of any software that you are utilizing to assist you with the designing and the ability to use the tools accordingly is necessary to get the best out of it. It is important to understand what capabilities a software and tools within it hold and to what extent they can be pushed; sometimes young designers overdo the things that are supposed to be left simple, this should not happen. One of the best software's for designing these days is Adobe Photoshop.

4. For example, while designing a "webpage", you need to consider what a client wants when it comes to content arrangement, sections and widget placement. These are important as they carry high levels of attention gaining element - one of them might be the very factor which blows away a user and earns his loyalty. The same procedure should be kept in mind when designing other things, like banners or posters.

5. You should always focus on backend of a design. What is it relating to? You should know what the purpose and mission of the client is and the core itself. Only then you will be able to produce something genuine and worth looking at. Consider it an intuition being produced onto a visual material serving the right purpose.