10 Free Photoshop Nature Brush Sets

It doesn't matter if you are designing a website or putting together an outdoor masterpiece, there always seems to be a need for more nature brushes for Photoshop. Here are 10 different sets of nature brushes that should get you started off in the right direction.

Summer Leaves Set

summer leaves brush
Here is a simple set of 9 different leaves that you can add to any outdoor scene. Although the set is pretty basic it works well for a wide variety of uses. You are given a selection of horizontal and vertical leaves to provide a most assorted look and feel.

Pine Brushes pine brushes for photoshop
This is the ultimate pine tree brush set. It comes with over 16 different branches and 33 other pieces that you can use to assemble your own custom pine trees. The brushes are in a variety of different shapes and positions allowing for a high level of variety in your pictures.

Flower Brushes photoshop free brush flower
This pastel flower package gives you access to 7 different brushes that are all around 1500 px in size. This is a great set for themes, or cartoon drawings because they don`t look very realistic compared to many of the other brushes out there. This will be good for web designers.

Bird Brushes bird brush for photoshop
Each of these 7 bird brushes provide you with solid bird silhouettes that can be used on anything that you want without worrying about linking back to anyone. This is another good set for web designers or graphic designers and they can be used for commercial purposes without a problem. The brushes come at 400 px and up in size.

Photoshop Brushes Trees trees brushes for photoshop
These basic tree brushes are great for getting some detailed trees into your designs without worrying about building them yourself. You gain access to 10 different prebuilt trees that you can size and color to suit your purposes.

Grass and Plant Brushes brass and pland brushes
These detailed brushes cover different grass and plant patterns in high detail. The 10 different brushes range in size from 500 pixels all the way up to 2500 pixels.

Tree Brush Set brush set tree for photoshop
These five different tree brushes were designed after pictures taken from real trees. This older brush set should be compatible with any version of Photoshop after Photoshop 7. Since the trees were modeled after real trees they are very detailed and realistic.

Power of Lines and Curves brush 8 for photoshop
These 11 sketch flowers are basic outlines of flowers that are easy to color any way that you want. They would make good additions to banners or websites because they can be colored to match any theme well.

Floral Brush free floral brushes for photoshop
These two floral brushes are a great way to pack a high amount of detail into your project in a short period of time. They are both complex and detailed and they were used to make the above graphic which shows their potential quite nicely.

Tree Border Brushes tree border brushes for photoshop
Chances are that most of the trees that you are going to be using are going to be around the edges of your projects. This tree border set provides you with 18 different tree models to spread around the edges of any project and each of them is high in detail and realistic.